Holy Spirit

Lacassine Bayou First 4 Crappie

Got in under HWY 14 for the first time as they are just adding old asphalt to the mud road under the bridge. It was great to be there on a cool front in July day. Water was still on the high side but managed 4 crappie. Did a 10 mile paddle as I just had to see if the Holy Spirit pin was still down in the figure eight and it was.

Holy Spirit Pin - 25 Years

Vince's hat went bad and he stuck his Holy Spirit pin in a cypress tree 25 years ago and it's still there. It's on Lacassine Bayou. Luke pointed to it in 2007 and his dad and I saw it in 2012. It's still there today like it might last another 1/4 century.

4/7/2015: Was back to the tree this Spring and the pin is still there.

Our First Portage

We headed out to do an 8 mile paddle down a drainage canal into Bayou Lacassine, and found the water so high that we couldn't get under a bridge about half way to our destination. That's when we did our first ever portage. It wasn't too bad with two people, but not so great if I was alone.

We didn't catch any fish but had a great day paddling through some nice cypress swamps. The water was a little muddy with the stinky marsh water bleeding in by spots.portage.jpg

Holy Spirit Pin 18 Years Later

My friend Vince fished with me for a year ending in the Spring of 1989. In April of that year we were inBayou Lacassine and pulled up under a Cypress tree to eat our lunch.dove.jpg point.jpg

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