Went to bed clueless and woke up in Henderson 9/17/2013

With so many nice places I've been too it's hard for me to decide where to go. I went to bed last night with no idea of where I was going today. I just knew I would explode it I had another day like Monday. 4:40am  on the meditation over the water chair I decided that Henderson was it. Coffee in Lafayette got me to Henderson just in time to wake up.

I figured with no great reports coming in it would be kind of quite and no pressure to catch since it wasn't really happening there. I did manage to boat 3 nice sacs with tight line in 5.5' to 7' FOW. Let one off an the boat. Hard to see a pattern with so few fish.

Looks like almost everyone was fishing bass. Heat was rough as usual and at 3:00 when I pulled out there were only 4 trailers left.

I fished upper Bigeaux early and worked my way back south past I-10 until I hit the Pelba cut back to the landing.

It was strange to see so little water weeds compared to last time I was there back when the water was real high. And someone cleaned out all the snags in the Texaco canal. Wondering whats up with that. Maybe a rig coming in. Did see a crew boat running back and forth a lot.

Pelba gage was at 8' and steady. The fish seemed to be in or near the hydrilla in the deeper water, but I couldn't find many spots like that. Started to see more on the way back on the East bank of Pelba about 1/2 mile from I-10.