Town of Mermentau

Paddled down and checked the first two locations for one nice bass that got away. I saw a lot of fish in the first location and none hardly in the second. There were a lot of fish showing up in the river in the first cut off, but I couldn't beg a bite. They were all over a lay down about 10' deep in 23' of water.

I'm not sure at all what all the fish I'm seeing are. Lot's are in places that seem like they would have crappie. There were two fishermen that left the landing when I did, and I caught up with them in the first cut off. Around lunch we crossed paths and they said they had 4 nice ones right against the bank shallow. They looked real experienced and where using a paddle to move along, but where very methodical.

The stage was at 3.4' after a rise a while back to over 8'. Trash was high in the trees, and there was only a little current showing. Temp of air was lower 60's and it was sunny and nice.