Three Yaks In The Plastic Navy

Adventure Man's dad got a new Jackson Cuda so the clan navy has 3 kayaks now, and we made it out to Henderson at McGees today. Pelba is at 15.53' and still rising. You can see your bait 4' down in what they call the boulevard.

We paddled 6.68 miles for 1 crappie, but it was fun since we were able to have 3 paddlers. On man had caught 11 fish tight lining in little openings along the swamp. 

It was the first 85+ day we have had this spring and it felt like summer. All predictions are that when the water starts down the fishing will turn on. It's still real high for Henderson.

They had a bass tournament going on at McGees and that would have been reason not to go there if we had known. It was crazy out there.