Third Lacassine Trip

Managed 8 today which multiplied to 12 when another fisherman didn't want to clean 3. He caught one while we talked. The fish made a change up for me today. I couldn't get anything going on laydowns or brush piles. The guy I met (Pierre) had a bunch of piles and he said the fish weren't there for him either today. He also told me where two other brush pile locations were.

Most of my fish were on the drop of fairly close in to the bank. Kind of at the shade line of the trees. Bobby Garland blue/char was the best. Caught them just across from Pierre's point.

Got a real soaking and it felt good compared to the heat. I was wet from 11:30 until I got done at home around 5:30. The guy I talked too was someone I had met years ago and it was nice to visit with him again. His dad was Teppy.

When I was coming out a guy used the new (make-shift) launch. Flat far out and his trailer tipped to the side quite a bit. I think he probably got out OK, but his boat was small. Shame that would be a good spot for a quality launch. Maybe someday.

Mermentau is still at 2.56'. Water is still on the high side with Basile at 8.52' and falling.