Super Floods In the Mermentau

I managed to get in at Lake Arthur as they had just taken the barricades down on the road leading to the ramp. The water at Mermentau crested at 10.5' but by Saturday morning it was down to 8.75'. The launch in town still had a barricade across it, but I was able to slide the kayak around it.

I didn't see a boat of any kind on the water, and it was generally a beautiful partially sunny day with temps in the low 60's. I didn't catch any fish, but learned more about my new Humminbird 346c DI and had a good time. Lot's of homes on the way to Lake Arthur still had water all around their houses,  and some side roads were still under water and closed. It was on of the bigger high water events I have seen over the last 40 years.