Sploosh! Man Overboard On The Mermentau

Got an early start today, but it wasn't too long before tomorrows thunder showers started a day early. On and off with the rain gear and was real proud of staying dry. Got hung up on a big laydown and I can't stand to leave gear behind. Too cheap. Poked around with the rod tip and freed the jig, but looped the line on a small limb. I was pulling hard and seeing the limb rise to the surface. Would grab little twigs on it and try to save a line break. Finally adjusted my position down on my knees and gave it one last pull cutting a summer salt over the bow at the same time.

I went down in the edge of the tree top, and when I came up I had mono around my arm with the hook about to go in my wrist. After getting that sorted out I tried getting back in the boat. I lost my upper body strength sometime back and after a few tries it was getting frustrating. Kicked my legs and got the boat over to water my feet would touch in. Bottom very mucky and lost a crock in it, but managed to reach down and grope it up.

Things that finally paid off: Strap on sunglasses, PFD, and dry bag with clothes and towel. Kept getting more showers and realized I wasn't having fun any more. Headed in giving my 7 sacs to two guys on the way. Changed cloths at the landing so had a dry ride home. Going to have to make a plan for easier way to get back in the boat.

The water was nice and cool, but I wonder about that brain eating amoeba that is making the news in Louisiana. They probably go for a guy with more brains than me.