Solo Again to Big Bama

The water is still low and nice clear, but the cold front with near freezing temps at night put the fish in a fonk. Did manage 2 crappie in one spot on the bottom in 8' of water. Two nice bass fishermen that I met before gave their entire catch of 2 bass so I had 4 to clean.

I saw an ottor draging a small dead gator, and we wondered if he killed or scavenged it.

Also met a nice crappie fishermen whos name I forgot that said he would mail me some pics of his big catches. A real nice fello that fishes the basin all the time and is surely very experienced. He had a dozen or so that he caught up around the "narrows" in around 2' of water in a real shallow stretch.

I paddled 7 miles all together turning around just beyond where a little skinny stream comes in on the West side. It's pretty choked with limbs and such.