Sandy Cove First

Made it to Sandy Cove landing and launched off the road going to the launch on the North side. Paddled the yak out and back for about 2.5 miles total and not a bite. The stage at Butt La Rose was at 8.7' and a local told me it has some to go yet before it gets good.

The canal seems pretty clean on the bottom and ranges from 20 - 5' at todays level. The deep water is on the South end. I went through the ditch into the next pit above and it seems even shallower. The water is beautiful though.

Three other boats came from the landing and tow didn't stay long at all. The third wend to the second pit and seemed to stop around there. He hadn't come out when I left about 1:00. The other two had no fish either.

Lots of trailers at the landing. Mostly hunters and crawfish people. Seemed to be a highly local crowd as most knew each other.

Found a short cut road named Banker that seeme to