Palmetto High Tide

The water has been real high at Palmetto Park this time and the last. I quizzed park officials and they indicate that there is no real water management. There is a weir that allows the tide to work in and out above a certain elevation.

It seemed that the water looked more like river water in the big lake and more like black swamp water in the first lake. I did manage two nice females with eggs in the first lake which is normally my worst spot. The big lake where I normally do best was zero.

The lady in the office thought that the lakes were around 20' deep. Fearman gage showed low water at midnight to be 6.8' and high water mid morning at 7.8'. I don't know much about crappie and tides, but that's a 1' rise in a few hours and is probably a negative. Fish forcast app had the day at 4 fish, but you would never have known it.