Palmetto 21 - Salvinia

Today I learned another lesson from a pond. Since I was a young guy I always found it fishing crappie and Pawn was like working in a laboratory.

Second trip of this season to Palmetto Park today. The first trip I only had four fish but today I managed to catch 21. I found a pattern that I was convinced wouldn't work but I tried it again today and it did. Usually the combination of clear black water and a lot of common salvinia on the surface was bad combination for me. The wind had pushed a lot of the salvania to the sides of the pond and left a big clear area in the center. I couldn't find a fish in the clear area, but right under the salvinia one spot produced some hot action. I could paddle my kayak into the salvinia and catch fish in my trail that I was clearing. My fishfinder beeped continuously showing fish. Only one area seemed to produce fish but that area was really good. Caught them all tight line a couple of feet off the bottom using a Bobby Garland baby shad.

When I loaded my kayak this morning with a north wind blowing I figured it was a dumb thing to go but sometimes I do the best when I'm doing the dumb thing.

I'm using a new add-on for Chrome on my PC called SpeechTexter for the first time tonight. Seems to be the answer cuz I'm getting lazy about typing. You just talking to this text field and then copy and paste it into crappie.Com