Nice 8 miles on Nezpique

I launched at Jennings and paddled the kayak below and above the launch for a total of 8 miles. I was gone from daylight until 3:30 pm for a catch of 20 crappie. The gage at Bazile was right at 1.5'. It's basically at or near the bottom with zero current and fairly clear.

The size is still on the small size with nothing going over 11 inches. The first half of the day they where caught about 3' under a cork with a blue/white triple tail jig. The second half of the day found me tight line fishing with black/chart Hot Grubs.

I even managed to pull 5 or 6 from under the I-10 bridge Tennessee style. There was a guy that looked to know what he was doing at the bridge, and he was catching 6' under a cork right by the outside of the guide walls.

This trip I managed to stay hydrated with 4 bottles of Pure Life and 3 small bottles of Gator Aid. Got home and cleaned all the fish without being nearly so whipped as I was Saturday last.