Nezpique - Last Time For Season

Launched at Jennings and went down a good ways then paddled back up to the I-10 bridge. The water is a little too clear and the 7 crappie I caught were almost too small. I'm thinking there are better places for me to try in October.

I was fishing on the guidewall under the I-10 bridge when a man was running south at full speed. He went by me within 15' and didn't see me until I shouted at him. I was expecting him to flip me, and I wanted him to know to watch for me in case I went in the water. He went to the next curve and his conscience got the best of him. He came back to apologize and I told him all was well. 

I don't see how he didn't see me. I wasn't behind the guidewall, but on the same side as he was. The guide walls have 80% of their supports rusted out and look like a breeze could knock them over.

The water was at 1.5' on the Basile gage, and all the fish where caught tight lining with the rubber band weedless rig.