Mermentau To Lake Arthur

The nice cool front with low 60 degree temps at night made me want to go even when my instincts told me that it was still too early for the water to heal. 

It was really looking grim when I pulled out of the Mermentau launch at about 9:30 am. I paddled the kayak South as far as the first cut off and only saw more of the same old bad water that was up above 4 days ago.

There was quite a bit of barge traffic and as I would get behind them I could smell the stink water they where churning up from the depths. I couldn't get more than a couple of shallow perch bites in that bubbly brown clear water.

I decided to do something that I hate and that's to pull up and launch again way down South nearly to Lowry. That load and unload plus travel eats a lot of the fishing day.

I'm glad I did though because I at least found a few fish. I hooked 8 nice crappie, but for some reason they were getting off a lot. There was only 5 that made it in the boat.

The water had the same color as up at Mermentau, but it didn't stink and there were no bubbles. The fish were all shallow though indicating the water might be bad deeper.