Mermentau HWY 14

Some new area for us today and gave it a shot even with 50% chance of thunder showers. The crazy government had already picked up the best tree tops, but we managed to find a few spots. We fished mostly under a cork set at 4-5' with black/chart. Did catch another on Poppa Chop though. The river at Mermentau was at 1.9' and the water looked fairly clear. I had taken a ride to Jennings the night before and there was nobody trying at all up there. The water in Nezpique had a scum on it I didn't like and was not nearly as clear as down South.

It was crazy out there with all the joy riders. They really don't bother kayaks much more than anyone else who would like to fish in peace and quiet. That loud music blaring does really challenge ones Christianity.

The day was all in all a good one though. Really enjoyed the conversation with Shallow Runner and appreciate the helpful tips for the area. We managed to boat 6 keepers all caught with the usual black/Chart. We were in a section we hadn't fished but once so were real happy with the catch considering all the wave action.

We wound up paddling the kayaks 7.5 miles. We went into the lake a short ways to the West and then up to the first cut off and back.