Mermentau Fishing With Current

Today was my first success with crappie in the Mermentau with a current. The big rains of the past couple of weeks had Bayou Nezpique with a pretty good rise at Basile to 17'. Today it was at 7'. I was afraid that I would scratch at Mermentau, but the gage there only came up about a foot to 2.9'.

It was all on the fall over the past few days, but there was still a pretty good current at the railroad bridge. I managed to pick up 7 crappie that where holding out of the current on structure that protected them.

The further up I went saw less fish and more current. Five of my fish where caught prior to 8:00 am with a long dry spell until after 1:00 for the other 2 fish. They where caught under a cork anywhere from 2.5' to 18" deep.

Only 2 or 3 other boats trying. One reported 3 and the other had only 1 fish by noon.