McGee's For The First Time

I've been wanting to try a new landing at Henderson to get away from the chaos at the Butte La Rose free launch. The noise of those truck tires drives me nuts and the ramp is always super busy. Well McGee's Landing for $5.00 seems like a good deal if you don't want to paddle to the far North.

They let you pay when you come back as they aren't open until 8:00 am and there is a good place for a kayak launch off to the side of the concrete ramp. I don't know how great it will be at normal water levels. It's been rising for some time now and today Pelba was at 13.62.

I managed to catch a 13.5" and 12.5" crappies today, and don't feel to bad as no one seems to be catching with the rise. They were in some nice shady cypress trees in about 6' of water.

I was fishing a blue and white jig 3' under a cork. There is tons of water grass in Henderson right now when you get under 8' in depth. Lately that's where most of the fish have been reported.

I paddled out first thing to South Bigeaux and after not catching I started working my way back. Both fish were caught within 10 minutes of each other just before 10:00 am. The total paddle distance was 5.2 miles all together.