McGee's Deep Effort

Scratched with not even a bite after the coldest weather in a decade. Went down to 21 one night at the house. Anyway no one else reported catching. One boat had 2 fish.

I gave the deep holes along the boulevard a good try. There is up to 17' of water in front of McGee's. There are similar deep areas in front of the other marinas too. I paddled all the way to South Pelba and then back to the West to the lone tree in the middle of the boulevard.

While others have been doing good before the big freeze the cold and rising water gave them lock jaw. Pelba is at 11.05' which is up almost a foot in the last 10 days.

It was in the 40's to start, but at about 11:30 I had to get out of my warm closes and go to summer wear. High around 65 for the day which is nice.