Little Prairie Short Day OB

Had a late night so wasn't on the water until 10:00 am but kept 16 sacs with the size moving up a notch. Only a couple in the 9" bracket. Same ole pattern, but different spots. 10 of them came from one area about 40' wide. Still with the blue/white Poppa Chop 18" under the cork. Looks like they are getting particular on which water they like. Clear with stain was best while black clear was the worse. Didn't even try any White Lake colored water. Fished until 3:30 pm and then headed in. They were still biting, but it got hot and the wind was aggravating. Wouldn't be able to catch anything there in the yak as the fish are too far out from the launch.

Mermentau is at 3.07" but due to rise again with last night's rains. Nezpique is up over 12'.