Lake St. Martin Finally

Finally had a good catch on Lake Martin. Caught 4 bass and 4 big crappie with 2 hitting 15". Smallest was 12". Fished the swamp until 11:30 which is the magic time to leave the duck hunters alone. Had 3 bass in the swamp.

After the duck hunting was pretty much done I went out in the middle to fish the blinds. Was looking like zero out in the deepest part until I headed in and managed 4 crappie and a bass on one blind.

It was in 5.3' of water which is only about half a food shallower than the deepest lake areas. The fish where in tight near the bottom. Caught tight line on dark blue/chart. The water is on the low side in the lake.

I did manage to find a nice 8' hole which I call the North Canal. Caught the 3 bass there. Wind was out of the North and strong with blue sky and 60-ish temps. Picks can be seen here.