Lake Chicot First Trip

Took my time getting there as it was pretty cold. The sun came out, but not a bite. The water is so clear I can see my paddle 8' down. It's a weird feeling gliding over all those dead and submerged water plants. It looks like a strange planet through the clear water.

I tried the channel mostly, but not a bite. I met a nice fisherman who had 5 punching lilies in 7'-8' of water. He said he has never done good in the channel. The yo-yo fishermen have been tearing them up. They are fishing just under the surface and the bite is only at night. They catch nothing during the day. That kind of explains why there was nothing in the channel. I have the feeling the fish see me in that water.

Did meet some nice kayak folks that were camping on an island. They were from the Lafayette Kayak Club and they were building a sand launch for kayaks.