Lake Arthur SBC 30

Water is still high from the flood a month ago. Just isn't going down like normal. Been alternating between Lacassine and Mermentau and the last two trips had only one fish per day. So I headed out expecting nothing. First 3 hotspots scratched. The next not so hot spot gave me my first 3 and then after that it was on big time in an area the size of my yard (an acre). Kept 30 sacs and 4 bass. Even caught a spotted cat which is only supposed to hit live bait. That was probably my first and last for that. I meant to take pictures but dropped the fish off at grandson's and forgot.

The water looked kinda low oxygen so I figured they would be in the top of the water column, but smart/dumb they were deep (5') and real close to the top also. Go figger. All caught on D&M with OCR trailer and nibbles. What part of that combo gets the credit. Seems like I need all the help I can get.

This was supposed to be Lacassine day, but I got lazy and stopped short at the Merm. There doesn't seem to be any fish that I could find outside of that one little acre. I even went back to hotspot number one thinking that now the bite was on. Nothing there. River at 3.8' at the start of the day.