LA Picking Up - 7/2/13

The water is about as low as it will get this time of year, and as clear also. Seems like that only a very few spots produce, but it seems to be increasing. Shade is for sure important right now for finding fish.

I managed to get 8 sacs yesterday way on the South end. 4 were under a float. 1 @ 3', 2 @ 4', and 1 @ 5'. The one at 5' was on the Poppa Chop, but all the rest were on black/chart sickle tales. I did catch 4 tight line, so the pattern is hard to see for me. A good catch too me considering kayak mobility. Great weather for July.

Mermentau is at 1.8'. The size was not all big, but way better than up at Jennings.