Jennings and The Scumbie Whumbies

We had targeted the landing at the HWY 14 bridge on the lower Mermentau, but when we got there we saw a blue army of bass fishermen getting ready to start a tournament. That caused to go to Jennings and when we got there the water looked so bad we started to turn back.

The water got a little better as we headed South, and we managed 10 crappie for the 3 of us. We turned around just below the hidden lagoon. One spot gave us 7 of our 10 so we were lucky to find that place.

Super hot day and it hammered Luke. Three trips in a row there where someone was in real distress. I drank 5 bottles of water and a Gator Aid.

Nezpique was at around 3' in Basile and very nasty looking with all the algae on top. The log removal bunch appears to be in site clean up mode with all boats gone. Only one other boat was fishing out of the park and they were going to Placquimine Bayou.

Fish were caught around 4' deep under a cork with the usual black/chart jigs. They were all on the small side, but Luke was happy as he got one too.