Henderson McGee's Cooked

Managed one nice slab only out of McGee's. I had to head in about 1:30 due to the 93 degree heat.

I've caught all 3 of my fish out of McGee's in one clump of cypress trees. As I was going in some nice guys told me they talked to a guy catching on some lumps in the boulevard across from the marinas. Those fish where said to be about 3.5' down. I started over there, but turned back due to the heat.

Pelba is at 15.2' which is down about a foot from the high water mark. It's just too hot for fishing in the open when they are biting so slow. No one on CDC seems to be catching out there either.

I tried all the way to South Pelba with no luck over there. The water in this region is super clear everywhere.