Henderson Heat Stroke

Jude and I nearly cooked for 5 crappie Friday (06/29/12) at Henderson. The Pelba gage was at 8.6 with the water having dropped .2' in the last week. It still has a way to go for the planned draw down for dredging and aquatic plant control.

We paddled up Pelba to the Texaco cut, and the over to Lake Bigueax. We went a little ways North and then about 11:00 we were really hot and headed for the I-10 bridge. We tried in the shad there where we only caught one and wrapped up about 1:30.

It was nice with little traffic on the water. There were only about 5 boats ahead of us at the launch. I checked the milage and was surprised to see that we paddled 6.5 miles.