Henderson After Issac

After hurricane Isaac passed it had been 10 days since I had been on the water and I was desperate. It was going to be breezy and the only place I could think of that wouldn't be too bad was under the I-10 causeway. I managed to pick up 2 crappie with the water looking real nice. It was almost cold to the touch after all the clouds and rain from the storm. The Pelba gage was right around 9' this morning and been around that for a while now.

I did manage to paddle to upper Lake Bigueax where I caught my fish on the new Slider baits that I had recently bought. The weedless rig looks like it works real well and could add a new flexibility to my trips.

I caught my first fish on a brush pile that a fisherman created and told me about. I give credit to the weedless slider as I have always just lost bait there in the past.

I nearly had Henderson to myself. There were only 2 trailers at the landing when I paddled out around 6:30 am, and 4 when I left for the day.