Henderson 12/26/2016 - 22 Fish

First trip since hernia surgery in the outboard. Best I've ever done in December outside of Palmetto. Launched at Basin Landing and found the ramp very flat with the high water. Had to bury my rear wheels nearly half way. Pelba at 12.57' and has been dropping slowly for the past 3 days.

17 fish caught in mid-Pelba where the water was deep near the bank and the Hummer was showing lot's of fish. 16 fish on one spot. The last 5 were caught on the way back on Jude's brush pile.

Tight line with Bobby Garland Baby Shad (blue grass) tipped with crappie Nibbles. Using a weight about a foot up from the jig. Most fish were caught 10' down, and a little deeper on Jude's pile.