Cocodrie Lake 10/19/2013 - Ole Black Water

When we got to the landing I had bad vibes when the paddles made bubbles. It only got worse. Bennett Bay had a fish kill and they were still dying. At least the shad were. We saw gobs of dead fish, but none were game fish.

Looks like the water had topped out after the rains and was bleeding out of the swamp so fast they were getting trapped. We tried all over until 12 without a bite. Would have quite earlier, but we had it all to ourselves and it was a good day for exploring.

We checked out Cocodrie dam on the way out and the water was topping over barely with a good amount going out the control valve. All and all it was a real cool day following the cold front last night. Looks like the locals give up fishing at this time of year and are all involved in hunting. Boats have been replaced by 4 wheelers.