Chased Out By Lightening in Nezpique

Made an early morning trip to Jennings for the Nezpique and paddled the kayak up to the I-10 bridge for the first time. Quite a few fishermen for a Thursday, but only 5 crappie and they were smallish. The water has quite flowing and turned clear. The fish are around 6' deep by logs.

I could have caught more but decided not to fight the weather. Lightening makes me so nervous that it takes all the fun out of it.

I did notice one interesting thing on the I-10 bridge. The guide walls are all steel and about 90% rusted away at the water line. A barge taps that and it's going down. The good thing is that barges don't normally go up that far any more. Another weird thing is the concrete pilings really vibrate even to the point of creating ripples on the water.