Big Alabama in Sherburne

My grand son calls me "Adventure Man" and today it seemed to fit. I tried a new place for me and it was a lot of fun. There was no one else up there until around 1:00 and some swamp people came for a gator.

I only had one keeper which I caught first thing in the morning. I've seen that before. A good start gives a bad finish. Did manage a couple of gar and my first snapping turtle.

The big adventure was that so called Louisiana Highway that led from the interstate into Sherburne. It's gravel and the worst washboard I've ever seen. I sure would like to know how miles of road can be so uniformly washboarded. It got better after getting of that so called highway onto the access roads that led into the interior. I couldn't do over 15mph on the washboard, but picked up to 20mph inside. That felt like flying.

According to the signs there is supposed to be black bears in there. That would have been fun to see. All and all I would give the spot 5 stars for a place to kayak and fish. Good for outboards too, but I wouldn't go fast in there with all the logs just under water.

Now all I have to do is go back when the fish are more co-operative. The water was real low and appears to be related to the Bute La Rose