Bayou Plaquemine Brule Scratch

Jude and I ventured for the first time to Bayou Plaquemine near Crowley. We launched at the I-10 bridge at one of the nastiest places we have ever launched. There was trash everywhere and 2 garfish that someone had hauled up on the land to rot and stink to high heaven.

We paddled South for a total round trip of just over 5 miles. There was a little current from all the scattered downpours that have been around for the past few days. In our mind there was just enough current to give the crappie lock jaw. Our catch consisted of 3 little dinks and a couple of small perch. All were throw backs.

At least the showers held off long enough for us to give it a good try. I gave my new spud pole a try and was pleased with the result.

We only met one boat with 2 fishermen who seemed to have taken a long ride just to fish where Crowley has it's discharge from it's massive sewage oxidation pond. They assured us that if it had been flowing that they would have mopped up. It takes all kinds I guess.

Mermentau River at 1.8'.