Bayou Nezpique 6.6 mile Solo

I had covered this area of Bayou Nezpique back in the commercial days, but this was the first time by kayak. Caught 7 crappie in a long hot 95° day lasting from 6:30 until about 2:30. The gage at Mermentau was a 1.8' and the fish where caught tightlining about 6' deep.

I met a friend from the spring who was catching under a cork set at 2.5' so go figure. He felt the larger fish were more shallow.

This is a very scenic area with lot's of nice cypress trees. Saw 2 young coons that went up a tree and tried to hide on the back side. Had a grey wadding bird perch on a laydown branch where I was fishing. He was about 20' a way and stayed until I left in spite of me talking to him.

The wasp nests are plentiful and large. They are a little scary as they are often over head where the rod tip often goes. I'm just afraid I'm going to smack a big nest with the rod and then it's going to get crazy.

The total paddle was 6.6 miles with a tricky launch in Jennings.