Bayou Benoit Solo Trip

The Butte La Rose gage showed the water had hit a bottom around 3.8' so I decided to give the Crappie another try. I still felt skunked after my first trip and not catching one even.

I got there early and fished until about 3:30 catching 3 crappie, 1 cat, and a lot of goggle eye which I didn't keep. The fish were on the drop off and I probably wouldn't have caught a one if I hadn't had some real experienced fishermen pull up and fish right next to me.

I had selected a shallow area that had surfaced in the last week showing some stumps. I went there alone and was catching nothing until these guys came up and showed me I was doing it all wrong. They were fishing on the deep side next to the drop with jig poles and started catching right away. They were pretty free with advice.

It was so hot that when I got back to the landing I had to take two breaks in the truck A/C so that I could get all my gear loaded. After that I made the round through Butte La Rose via the famous pontoon bridge just to see some possible new territory.