Bayou Benoit - First Time

Saturday (05/26/2012) we, Jude and I, went to Bayou Benoit which is about an hour and a half drive. We were trying for crappie, but only caught one. This was our first time at that landing. It's right on the West Acthafalaya levee close to Coteau Holmes.

We headed North from the landing and paddled and fished 5.5 miles. It had seemed promising since the water was on the fall with the river reading 6.5' at Butte La Rose. The morning started off with a fairly thick fog on the water. You couldn't see the camps across from the landing. The day finished around 1:30 for us and it was really hot. 

We arrived right at sunrise and the parking lot was full almost on the East side of the levee. Some of them must have launched with lights or stayed over night in camps. By the time we finished all the boats were gone from the North end, but the parking lot still had about the same number of cars. Looks like most were trying South of the landing and staying in camps for the Memorial day week end.