3rd Benoit Trip

I made the 1.25 hour drive to Bayou Benoit since the water is not great in my favorite places. Seems like it's not that great there either as from daylight until 3:00 netted only 2 crappie. There was a real variety in catch otherwise with bullhead, bass, perch, gar, and bowfin.

It was super hot and I felt like my chest was going to pop late in the day. Paddling is rough when there is no relief from the heat.

The water was low and stable according to the gages, but a nice local told me that it was bad. He said his trolling motor was bringing up mud, and that it was never good went those gar were all over the top of the water. The gage was right at 2.5 at Butte La Rose.

The kind information giver also gave me information on the next two landings going south along the levee. He called the first Sandy Cove and the last Ruez Landing. He said that in October it would get better after a couple of 60 degree nights.