13 Crappie in Henderson

The most fish in a while and it was very different for me. Caught 9 in South Pelba and 4 in North Bigeaux. I could see fish on the Humminbird in 11' of water a couple of feet off the bottom. They were caught "double rigging" with 2 poles tightlineing. I let out 10' of line and moved the boat as slow as possible in kind of a trolling effort.

It was  a perfect blue sky day with a light North breeze. Trying close to the bank only caught a couple of giant perch. Some CDC members I met at the landing (dipsiani and ceegee) scratched fishing shallow. Also met Prefers Shiners who caught about like I did fishing deep. Used blue/white jigs.

Pelba gage was at 12.0'.