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Palmetto 6 - 11/24/2015

Well it was better, but the water is still high and even with the top of the weir. Looks like the small notch for draining is slow. The fish are deep and well off the bank. Caught on Bobby Garlands. Water is still dark clear, but does not stink. Could get good if we would stop with the big rains.

Palmetto Big Bass

I thought it was a choupique, but it was a 7.25 lb bass that was 21" long. A nice camper that I have met a few times there watched me catch it and then guessed the weight right on the money.

Holy Spirit Pin - 25 Years

Vince's hat went bad and he stuck his Holy Spirit pin in a cypress tree 25 years ago and it's still there. It's on Lacassine Bayou. Luke pointed to it in 2007 and his dad and I saw it in 2012. It's still there today like it might last another 1/4 century.

4/7/2015: Was back to the tree this Spring and the pin is still there.

Kyle's First Trip

Kyle made his first trip in the Kayak today, and we went to Mermentau. We were headed for Jennings, but when we got to Mermentau for a look he wanted to launch then and there. It was a joy to see him experience his long awaited first yak adventure. His excitement was contagious.

We tried a little to catch a fish, but the main focus was to introduce him to paddling. He really got focused when a barge made itself seen coming around a bend toward us.

Henderson South Bigeaux

Caught 11 nice black crappie in South Bigeaux double rigging. Swimming the triple tale as JR would say. They were in 10' to 11' of water and the poles were set on the 8' mark. Seems like the black/chart was beating blue/white a lot.

When I first got to my spot I had 3 almost at the same time. I would be unhooking and my second pole would catch. There were 3 fish in the bottom of the boat before I could start putting them in the ice chest.

Palmetto Park First

Made a late start due to the cold morning and was on the water for 1:30. The high was forecast to be 60 today and that seemed good.

I was able to catch 13 crappie all in one spot in the big lake. Looked at all 3 lakes and it showed the most promise. Didn't really try the others.

Saw 2 bunches of hogs and a deer, and was back at the landing for 5:00. It was dark at 5:30 so I managed to give my fish to 3 nice bank fishermen who in turn helped me to carry my kayak.

EdB Remembered

EdB died uexpectedly on 9/5/2013. He was a memeber on this forum and a long time personal friend. He is sadly missed by many. Make time for your friends because you don't know what the future holds.

Lorain Bridge on Lacassine Bayou

Kept my losing streak alive with another scratch at Lorraine bridge. Went South just beyond where the old rail bridge was and only caught little perch and a couple of spotted gar. All day long you could see the little gar on top or maybe a foot down. There was never a time that you couldn't see one if you looked around.

The water was fairly clear. You could see maybe a couple of feet down and it was at low pool since it hadn't rained up there is a long time.

JB Salter to Nezpique

The water has cleared up nicely and you can see fairly deep for the area. I took my new Salter jig pole today and managed 10 crappie from the yak.

All the fish were caught with Mr. JB's pole fishing 7-8' deep tight line. There was only one other fisherman and he was using shiners and had 20.


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